Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Struggles During the Teenage Years

There is much brokenness in every youth group that you step into. Not only do students see drugs, alcohol, violence and even death in school; some students within a youth group struggle and deal with some of these problems themselves. In my youth group practicum we are going over the fact that most people are iceburgs, you only see the surface until you deeply connect with someone. We are trying to get students to reach out to the peers that they have around them, whom they usually wouldnt even give a second of their time. Jesus did the same, he met with the outcasts. Suicide is one of the leading causes of teen death; those who are prone to suicidal thoughts feel lonely. They feel as if noone would care if they were alive. We can prevent this from happening. We can invest ourselves into someone, so that they may feel the love that Jesus gives us everyday. While it is difficult to get the kids to do the simple tasks, we know that it is very beneficial to both them and the ones who they are reaching out to.We are asking that students try a little harder and try to get below the waterline.

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